Audio Development Tools

Once we've found audio for our game, we may still need to alter them to fit, or we might even want to try and create some sounds by our own hands. There are many audio tools out there, free or at a reasonable cost that can handle most of our audio editing/creating requirements.

Name Audio Tool Description Free / Paid
Ardour Professional digital workstation. Cross-platform, GNUv2 open source. Free Website
Audacity Free, open source, cross-platform audio software. Free Website
BeepBox Online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies. Free Website
Cakewalk Calkwalk is a free DAW released by BandLab. Free Website
FL Studio DAW with low cost entry level edition. Paid Website
Jfxr Create quick sfx. An alternative to BFXR, but doesn't require flash. Free Website
LMMS Free and open source digital audio workstation (DAW). Free Website
Reaper DAW with discounted price (personal use, edu or gross revenue less than $20000). Paid Website

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