Sound FX Assets

Adding good sound effects to your game is critical. A satisfying click or weapon shot can make a massive difference. Obviously we all aren't sound engineers, but happily there are numerous SFX resources to choose from. Should be able to find any SFX you need, free or at minimal cost, be it creatures, machinery, weapons, foley, vehicles, voices or anything else.

Name SFX Resource Description Free / Paid
Audio Jungle Royalty free sound effects from $1. Paid Website
FreeSFX Free sound effects for any production. Must credit Free Website
GameDevMarket Marketplace for high quality, affordable game assets handcrafted. Both Website Sound effects packs. Both Website
MixKit Free sound effects, all royalty free. Free Website
PacDV Royalty free sound effects collection. Free Website
Sonnis Paid for, but have free GDC SFX collections (linked). Both Website
SoundBible Free and royalty free sound effects (Creative Commons). Free Website
SoundsCrate Subscription starting at $6.58 a month, but free sample access. Both Website
SynchedIn Subscription starting at $3.99 a month, but offers some free. Both Website
Unity Asset Store Majority of assets can be used without limitation. Both Website
Unreal Marketplace Majority of assets can be used without limitation. Both Website
ZapSplat Subscription from £4, but thousands free (Attribution). Both Website

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